Best Practice Resource Guide: Capacity Building Options for DOT Transit Staff: Final Guidebook

Publisher: ICF Incorporated
Publication Year: 2023
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Resource Summary: State Department of Transportation (DOT) transit offices face emerging, critical program management challenges: managing adequate staffing, increasing regulatory burdens, and inconsistent internal and external business practices. DOTs also encounter difficulties in attracting and retaining talented employees, such as the role of new and emerging technology, differing generational expectations, and the time required for DOTs to adapt to change. The NCHRP 20-65/Task 80 project focused on capacity building, or the process of planning for and managing workforce transformation, to develop a broader understanding of capacity building needs and options for state DOT transit offices. The Best Practice Resource Guide includes strategies and tools that state DOT transit offices can use either in their own office or across the DOT to address workforce capacity challenges.

Change Forces
  • Competition for Specialized Skills
  • Workforce Evolution
  • Workforce Transitions
  • Agility and Resilience
  • Aligning Skills to Needs
  • Attracting and Retaining
  • Attractive Work Environment
  • Branding
  • Collaboration
  • Decline in Pension Benefits
  • New Candidate Pools
  • New Generation of Workers
  • Records and Information Management
  • Technology Adoption
  • Younger Employees
  • Workforce Planning
  • Workforce Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Social and Learning Communities
  • Recruiting and Retention
  • Professional Development
  • Organizational Structure
  • Organizational Management
  • Organizational Culture
  • Mentoring
  • Learning Organization
  • Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Dissemination
  • Knowledge Bases
  • Employee Engagement