The Scenario page is organized according to the specific change forces and needs encountered by agencies, as well as the strategies used to address them. By employing the common Agency Capability-Building Framework, these scenarios provide a means for users to engage with relevant Guidebook content and to identify related shared practices and other resources to develop essential capabilities.

These Scenarios are presented through two different perspectives:

Role-Based Guidance. Aimed at examining the change forces that are relevant to each of a defined set of State DOT roles, along with their implications for the organization from each role’s perspective within several time periods: now, over the next few years, and five years and beyond.
Situation-Based Guidance. Presents guidance specific to situations that agencies may be facing as a result of the change forces, provides strategies and resource for overcoming the challenges.

The ACB Portal uses scenarios to define specific business challenges and allow users to access relevant guidance and resources. Help us improve the site by submitting your own scenario.