Performance Management Lead
The Performance Management Lead is responsible for collecting, measuring, reporting and recommending action related to performance information within the agency.
Challenges and Opportunities
In your role, what are the most critical challenges and opportunities? Looking across the agency, what capabilities are required to successfully take them on? How can you help build the necessary capabilities? The first step is to understand these challenges and opportunities in terms of the major change forces that are driving them.
Change ForcesChallenge/OpportunityYour Responsibility
Technology AdvancementNew technology impacts the tools, methods and strategies available to use data to maximize business outcomes.

Connected and autonomous vehicles may generate new data for understanding system performance.
Technology Adoption. Help the agency leverage business intelligence to improve data-informed decision-making and use performance-based approaches to maximize investments.

Anticipate future availability of new data sources for performance measurement.
Shift in Role and FocusThe agency’s approach to performance measurement needs to consider people movement across all modes, including passenger and commercial vehicles, bus and light rail, and bicycle and pedestrian travel.Operations Focus. Advance performance measures that are multimodal and operational in nature.
Legislation, Regulation, and FundingResponding to new legislative requirements may require new performance measures, modified performance reporting processes, and demonstration that the agency is working to achieve its targets. Agility and Resilience. Equip the agency to respond quickly to new legislative requirements.
Public ExpectationsIncreased expectations for transparency and accountability to the public, commercial travelers, elected officials, local units of government and the media create the need for effective communication of performance information.Transparency. Advance efforts to communicate agency performance to agency stakeholders and the general public.
Strategies and Resources

What strategies can you apply now to meet today’s challenges and prepare for future opportunities? What resources are available to help support these efforts?

Where to Begin

  • Monitor federal requirements and integrate them with business processes and practices
  • Track new data sources and assess how they might be used to strengthen performance management
  • Incorporate scenario-building and forecasting to respond to legislative requirements related to performance-based planning and programming
  • Establish a mechanism for continuous performance and process improvement
  • Monitor and measure results to improve linkages between performance targets and investment outcomes
  • Assess current data visualization and determine better ways to communicate that will support transparency and accountability


Organizational Management

  • Performance Management - to ensure the agency is able to measure and achieve outcomes that make progress toward its evolving goals and objectives
  • Lean and other process improvements to close the loop between targets and results to respond to legislative requirements

Information and Data Management

  • Information Technologies - to capture, analyze and visualize performance information.

Knowledge Management

  • Learning Organization -to align staff activities with agency goals, create a performance system feedback loop and create a culture of transparency and accountability for results