Agency Capability Building Community of Practice

Communities of Practice (COPs) connect people with common goals and interests for the purpose of sharing resources, strategies, innovations, and support.
The ACB COP was developed as part of NCHRP Project 20-44(40): Implementing the Agency Capacity Building Framework to Activate Organizational Change. The COP members have a shared commitment to utilizing and promoting the Agency Capability Building Framework. The COP will share best practices and provide feedback on outreach, peer exchanges, pilots, and workshops. 

How Do I Participate?
COP Meetings

What is the Agency Capability Building (ACB) Community of Practice (COP)?

The ACB COP is a special interest group that revolves around a common topic or concern. It provides a platform for exchanging ideas and seeking advice. By participating in this community, members gain access to resources that can increase their effectiveness when handling disruptions and developing strategies to enhance organizational capability.

Active participation in the ACB COP leads to rewards in the form of organizational change activation. Members who engage with the community are more likely to participate in self-documentation, which enables them to share their successes and experiences with the broader transportation community. Ongoing exchanges with other members enhance the guidance with practical examples to strengthen the ACB resources. This increases resource effectiveness and builds awareness and use over time.

To submit a scenario or case study or to self-nominate to participate in the ACB COP, please visit the “How do I Participate?” tab on this page.

For a listing of ACB COP members, please see the “Membership” tab on this page.

What activities are associated with the ACB COP?

The COP provides regular opportunities for members to share common interests and shape the capability-building resource base. This exchange uses the ACB Portal COP Homepage to capture and share experiences to benefit all members.

Activities include:

  • Develop a charter to identify the scope, objectives, and proposed activities for the COP
  • Provide feedback to ensure engaging outreach and promotional materials
  • Offer input on and participate in peer exchanges and workshops
  • Engage with agency transportation leaders to build awareness of the use of the ACB Portal
  • Create community excitement around submitting case studies demonstrating the successful use of the framework and resources
  • Ensure sustainment of the portal resources over time

What does ACB COP engagement look like?

The COP meets virtually on a bi-monthly basis. Regular meetings are accompanied by sponsored webinars or presentations at various monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly AASHTO and TRB committee and subcommittee meetings to keep as many committees as possible interested and engaged. The COP members may also participate in agency interviews, peer exchanges, pilots, deep-dive case studies, and workshops. For more information about upcoming COP meetings and other events, please visit the “COP Meetings” tab on this page.

The ACB COP blog provides regular updates, implementation milestones, and engagement opportunities to members and other interested stakeholders. To view recently published and archived blogs, please see the “Communications” tab on this page.

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COP meetings and events:

  • COP Kickoff 11/14/23 (Feedback on existing guide, recommendations for initial outreach blit)
  • Meeting 2, early 2024 (Develop charter, feedback on peer exchanges)
  • Meeting 3, April-May 2024 (Feedback on pilots)
  • Meeting 4, July-August 2024 (Feedback on workshop)
  • Meeting 5, Nov. 2024 (Workshop recap, ACB framework adjustments)
  • Joint webinars, Feb.-June 2025 (Draft and final deliverables)
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