NCHRP Project 20-68A, Scan 12-04 Advances in Transportation Agency Knowledge Management (2014)

Publisher: TRB
Publication Year: 2014
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Resource Summary: This report summarizes the findings from a scan workshop of Knowledge Management (KM) within transportation agencies and other organizations. The scan sought to identify and document successful KM practices and identify additional needs to advance KM in transportation agencies. A scan team consisting of state Departments of Transportation (DOTs) and USDOT administration staff guided the scan and develop findings, recommendations, and implementation actions. 

Change Forces
  • Records and Information Management
  • Response to Changes
  • Workforce Planning
  • Workforce Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Social and Learning Communities
  • Mentoring
  • Learning Organization
  • Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Dissemination
  • Knowledge Bases
  • Information and Data Management
  • Governance
  • Employee Engagement