NCHRP Research Report 970: Mainstreaming System Resilience Concepts into Transportation Agencies: A Guide

Publisher: The National Academies Press
Publication Year: 2021
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Resource Summary: This guide provides transportation officials with a self-assessment tool to assess the current status of an agency’s efforts to improve the resilience of the transportation system through the mainstreaming of resilience concepts into agency decision-making and procedures. The tool can be applied to a broad array of natural and human-caused threats to transportation systems and services.

Change Forces
  • SGR Resiliency
  • Shift in Role and Focus
  • Agility and Resilience
  • Aligning Skills to Needs
  • Collaboration
  • Communications
  • Data
  • Extreme Weather Events
  • Response to Changes
  • Systems Engineering
  • Transparency
  • Technologies
  • Services
  • Performance and Change Management
  • Organizational Management
  • Information and Data Management