Lean Everyday Ideas at CDOT leverages economies of scale to spread innovation

CDOT has a long history of process improvement through Lean events and other process improvement mechanisms in alignment with their vision of “everyone, every day, improving every process and every product, to benefit every customer.”

CDOT’s Lean Everyday Ideas (LEI) innovations and improvements were named a Top 25 program for the Innovation in American Government Award by the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at Harvard University.

CDOT’s process improvement success can be attributed to the agency’s ability to drive a culture of learning and to encourage the spread and “borrowing” of innovations throughout the agency.

By publicizing innovative ideas, CDOT has enhanced its capability to create a learning culture by engaging its 3,000 employees and 5 regions to “…make someone else’s idea work for them.” [Reference] Colorado Department of Transportation, “CDOT Receives Top 25 Innovation Award from Harvard,” News, August 14, 2018, [Online].

Available: https://www.codot.gov/news/2018/august/cdot-receives-top-25-innovation-award-from-harvard.