1. What is the purpose of this guidebook?

    The Guidebook provides an introduction to the ACB framework, including change forces, needs, strategies and resources. It explains how this approach can be used to understand and build agency capabilities to respond to change forces, and includes action planning for building capabilities.
  2. Who should read this guidebook?

    The guidebook will benefit transportation professionals at state DOTs and MPOs in management and leadership positions, those with specific, targeted roles, as well as those at district offices, program managers, and others with less than agency-wide responsibilities. It may also be useful to other professionals who work in transportation.
  3. Why build agency capability?

    An agency’s capabilities are how it brings together its people and other resources to deliver value to customers and stakeholders and respond to changes in its environment.
  4. How should the guidebook be used?

    The ACB Framework provides an overview of current challenges facing transportation agencies and their implications. Role-based guidance looks at change forces relevant to specific roles over several time periods. Situation-based guidance is directed at change forces relevant to a defined set of DOT challenges. Case studies demonstrate the concepts in practice.