The guidebook is organized into six chapters, which can be read comprehensively or referenced by individual chapter.

  • Chapter 1. Introduction defines capability, provides several views of agency capability and describes how capabilities will be presented and used in the guidebook.
  • Chapter 2. Agency Capability Building Framework describes the change forces, needs, and strategies; incorporates examples that highlight the challenges and opportunities agencies face.
  • Chapter 3. Strategies describes the strategies that agencies can use to overcome the change forces and needs, points readers to existing resources that have more details on the strategies.
  • Chapter 4. Role-Based Guidance presents guidance specific to various roles within a transportation agency, summarizes the change forces each role needs to be aware of now, a few years from now, and 5+ years from now.
  • Chapter 5. Scenario-Based Guidance presents guidance specific to scenarios that agencies may be facing as a result of the change forces, provides strategies and resource for overcoming the challenges.
  • Chapter 6. Developing an Agency Capability-Building Action Plan details the steps involved in developing a strategic plan.