For more information to assist in building agency capability, see Additional Capability Building Resources at the end of this guidebook. These resources include other research reports, related websites and other references that were used in preparing this guidebook.

Future research to implement and extend this guidebook could include:

  • Taxonomy of agency capabilities: this report focuses on some aspects of capabilities in this project, but a full look at capabilities that goes into greater depth on the various elements of transportation agency capabilities (strategic, core, enabling) would be valuable future research.
  • Capability assessments: Future research could explore all of the capability maturity assessment tools that exist and how they can be applied for gauging agency capabilities. It would produce a list of tools and gaps by capability type. A high-level assessment tool could be produced as a part of this project. Some resources could be applied developing tools to address the gaps. Another element of this project could be how to apply capability assessments to improve agency results.