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Chief Data Officer

Computer Science, Data

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With the rise in service-oriented architectures (SAP and GIS), the need for large-scale system integration, and heterogeneous data storage/exchange mechanisms (Traffic Management System - CTMS/XML feeds, Traffic Safety Data on FoxPro, GIS data and many other data systems) at CDOT, the Chief Data Officer will need to possess a combination of business knowledge, technical skills, and people skills to guide data strategy. This role is not simply about architecting data or designing databases, but rather overseeing these projects from a high level and working to methodologically define the data business strategy CDOT should pursue across its many divisions with a focus on two priorities: Defining and sharing actionable data for external stakeholders, partners and the public; Defining and sharing actionable data to improve internal operations, planning and implementation. As part of the Executive Management Team, this position is also a unique opportunity to transform the transportation department and its business models, as transportation moves into the use of data to maximize investment decisions, and the operations and safety of its system and to facilitate the rapidly changing transportation technology environment (vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure data, etc.). This role will operate as a global center of excellence across various divisions within CDOT for advanced analytics tools, technology and methodology to make Colorado one of the leading states in travel mobility, safety and reliability, and use of data to guide business and investment decisions. Some relevant data may be collected, maintained, or owned by other agencies, requiring coordination and integration.During the first few months, the person in this position will be responsible for analyzing the current state of CDOT's operations in this area and making recommendations as to the organizational structure and makeup of the data division that this person will be leading, including any direct or indirect supervision of staff and coordination with other divisions.

Typical responsibilities:

  • Develop and manage CDOT's data vision and strategy and create the roadmap to meet enterprise needs while working closely with the senior leaders across multiple divisions of CDOT including Division of Transportation Development, Transportation System Management and Operations, Office of Information Technology, Traffic Safety and others
  • Develop a big data architecture that employs advanced quantitative methods, including data mining techniques, to create predictive analyses to achieve CDOT's strategic objectives
  • Define the data assets and functional capabilities for data and advanced analytics
  • Oversee implementation of data initiatives and programs in collaboration with senior leaders, stakeholders, data stewards and OIT
  • Create a more nimble, efficient, and effective data architecture capable of facilitating CDOT's overall data strategy and strategic objectives including defining the platforms used for data storage, data distribution and integration
  • Work with senior management, data owners, and data stewards to achieve data quality accuracy and process requirement goals for all internal and external customers
  • Define a systematic approach to measure and evaluate data quality
  • Act as a key opinion leader and provide industry feedback
  • Champion global data management, governance, quality, and vendor relationships across the enterprise by establishing a data governance council that helps create data policies, standards, organization and enforcement of concepts as established
  • Report on progress of enterprise data management governance, including metrics
  • Oversee the monitoring of data quality efforts within the organization and provide a central authority for the resolution on data management issues that cannot be resolved by the data governance council
  • Establishes data vendor management strategy and provides oversight to support implementation and coordinates with OIT
  • Oversee the education of the organization on data management concepts, the appropriate usage of data, enterprise master data management and data quality concepts, enterprise decision-support concepts, data vendor capabilities, definition and appropriateness of data management, rules on data access, and other data-related issues
  • Has executive responsibility for enterprise information/data management budget and data-related systems initiatives
  • Understands and stays abreast of data requirements for federal government (USDOT, NHTSA, FHWA, etc.)

Typical qualifications:

Bachelor’s, Master's degree preferred, in business administration, information technology, applied statistics, data analysis or similar field. Minimum 10+ years data management and/or software engineering experience. A current valid driver's license is required for this position as it requires operating a state or personal motor vehicle to perform one or more essential functions of the position.

  • Experience with enterprise metadata management and industry standards
  • Proven experience leading strategic design, delivery and governance of major cross functional business efforts
  • Experience operationalizing data governance, data stewardship, and data quality
  • Working knowledge of multiple technology systems and data management tools
  • Ability to understand complex issues and develop meaningful analysis and recommendations to line of business, and executive management
  • Effective communication skills able to support independent viewpoints to executive management
  • Leadership and organization skills
  • Polished oral communication skills
  • Strong writing abilities and experience with writing a variety of communication pieces
  • Strong customer service skills
  • Ability to work under tight deadlines and be adaptable to changing assignments
  • Ability to manage multiple assignments
  • Strong attention to technical detail
  • Ability to partner with professionals, consultants, stakeholders and staff, with sensitivity to their needs and priorities
  • Negotiation to find mutually acceptable solutions; building consensus through give and take
  • Effective interpersonal and relationship building skills
  • Working effectively in both independent and team situations
  • Time and project management skills

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