Chief Data Governance & Knowledge Management Officer

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Chief Data Governance & Knowledge Management Officer


The Chief Data Governance and Knowledge Management Officer’s (DG/KMO) role is twofold. The officer’s first role is to design, plan, monitor, and improve the organization’s Data Management functions. The central objective of this role is to ensure that the organization’s Data Management program is running effectively and meeting the business needs of MDT. With the growing push of data and information being viewed as an agency asset, this position must be able to understand both the technical points of Data Management, as well as the business drivers and needs regarding data. This individual must be able to understand the “bits and the bytes” related to the organization’s Data Management and develop a strategy for the technical space considering the business’s perspective and needs.

Typical responsibilities:

The officer is expected to take the lead in developing and implementing MDT’s Knowledge Management Strategy (strategic, tactical, and operational components) within the employment structure; to advise the Director, Deputy Directors and Administrators on knowledge management and information systems; to connect people, technology, and data for effective knowledge management; to oversee the identification, collection, organization, dissemination, and use of critical knowledge through knowledge capture, transfer, and retention techniques; and to ensure that the knowledge needs of the organization are met in a timely, effective and efficient manner.

Typical qualifications:

Experience with Data Governance, Knowledge Management, and strategic planning and initiative designs; knowledge or experience of the data requirements and knowledge management for transportation agencies; strong technical knowledge related to the IT space, strong understanding of how different divisions will have different knowledge management, data uses and requirements; proven experience in Knowledge Management, Data Management planning, policy development; strong understanding of project management; knowledge and experience of DAMA DMBOK and the different disciplines of Data Management; and understanding of Knowledge Management principles and practices.

Bachelor’s Degree in information technology, business management, or a related field.

4 years of experience in knowledge management and/or managing data governance throughout the KM/DG lifecycle.

Certification such as ICCP Certified Data Professional or Certified Information Management Professional (CIMP) in Data Governance. Alternative combinations of work-related experience and education may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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