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Organizational Performance Analyst


The organizational performance analyst analyzes, evaluates, and improves organizational performance by conducting routine entry-level research related to department operations and facilitating performance improvement processes. Responsibilities are performed under moderate supervision.

Typical responsibilities:

  1. Applies statistical or mathematical techniques to analyze and reduce data to usable form.
  2. Determines most effective type of presentation of data and prepares statistical reports; provides assistance to organizational performance staff with statistical analysis and presentation of data, including preparation of templates, tables, databases, and implementation of division/office software.
  3. Recommends statistical methods, gathering techniques, and sample sizes for gathering data.
  4. Applies assessment instruments and measurement systems, statistically analyzes and reports results, and makes recommendations for improving organizational and team performance.
  5. Conducts routine systematic root cause analysis that includes job, task, and performance analysis to determine performance gaps.
  6. Facilitates focus groups, quality and process improvement initiatives, problem solving teams, inter-group disputes and team-building initiatives.
  7. Performs other responsibilities as required or assigned.

Typical qualifications:

Bachelor's Degree: Mathematics, Statistics, Business Administration or related field

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