Policy and Innovation Engineer

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Policy and Innovation Engineer


The policy and innovations engineer oversees the engineering policy group and ensures value is added to every project through innovations in program delivery. Responsibilities are performed under general supervision.

Typical responsibilities:

  1. Oversees the engineering policy group and maintains the engineering policy guide, specifications and standard plans.
  2. Develops and maintains the department's statewide program of innovations in program delivery; coordinates with appropriate staff to organize, facilitate and develop consent on innovative options and markets the results to all partners.
  3. Provides continuous communication and training of practical design and ensures the incorporation of value into standards.
  4. Oversees the monitoring of the engineering policy guide, specifications and standard plans for user comment as well as input from other System Delivery divisions to incorporate their changes.
  5. Oversees the revisions of the engineering policy guide, specifications and standard plans by screening each revision proposal to ensure that the revision is in keeping with the principals of practical design and necessary to properly deliver the system.
  6. Leads the administration of the department's Value Engineering program.
  7. Represents the department on national technical committees and research panels pertaining to innovations
  8. and engineering policy.
  9. Performs supervisory responsibilities in a manner consistent with the department's Affirmative Action Plan.
  10. Performs other responsibilities as required or assigned.

Typical qualifications:

Bachelor's Degree: Civil Engineering

Licensed as a Professional Engineer in the State of Missouri. Nine years of experience in highway or transportation engineering.

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