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Systems Analyst

Computer Science

As a Systems Analyst, you will work as part of a team that administers the Linear Referencing System (LRS) in the Roadway Asset Management System (RAMS). These systems comprise the enterprise data warehouse foundational system for the agency.Administration of the Linear Referencing System (LRS) will include identification of business requirements, definition of technical program components, development of prototype outputs, system testing, training of end-users, and creating and translating business process maps.The LRS serves as the geospatial foundation system for the agency as well as public and private entities.

Typical responsibilities:

Maintain a high level of understanding of the RAMS architecture to provide testing and suggest enhancements throughout the development and maintenance of this system. Assist the RAMS administrator in performing functions to ensure system integrity, usability, reliability and supportability. Integrated system development, coordination with network and database administration, and enterprise data facilitation are part of the responsibilities that are involved in this administration. Resolve application issues related to LRS/RAMS database including data warehouse design and optimizations tasks. Conduct research and makes recommendations on database products, services, protocol and standards. Provide recommendations regarding data warehouse strategy and decisions.

Contribute in defining vision, identify timeliness and goals. Provide first level support for software applications such as the operating systems, ESRI Roads and Highways, ARC GIS products, other geospatial software, Oracle sql/psql, JSON, Javascript, Acrobat, Microsoft Office suite, etc.. Solve application problems, loading new software and updates to existing software and identification of issues requiring network or diagnostic/application support.

Typical qualifications:

  • Extensive knowledge of the LRS foundational system, interoperability with other systems and its key integration with RAMS.
  • Able to develop business knowledge to effectively anticipate and define opportunities to apply business intelligence and advanced analytical solutions to the management of assets in the department.
  • Perform complex work assignments and problem resolution across systems and processes.
  • Assist others in developing their skills and in performing these types of analysis within their area of expertise.
  • Work with multiple integrated databases to design systems which are used in the maintenance, analysis and reporting of critical asset data.
  • Ability to capture user requirements for projects and translating those needs into technical documentation and a data warehouse design.
  • Strong understanding of user needs to enhance the usefulness of the product.
  • Advanced level computer programming skills and expertise in knowledge of the business data and data warehouse architecture.
  • Ability to decipher user needs and system capabilities in meeting those
  • Responsible for collecting available and relevant data from internal and external customers; to take that data and form visual and graphical presentations, query databases and information systems; and share the data collected and maintained by Analytics and other appropriate integrated data.

Some travel may be required.

121 T-SQL Business Query Writing
6 months' experience writing complex T-SQL queries against SQL Server database which includes:

  • SQL database experience must use most recent SQL release or two versions prior
  • Queries against normalized, de-normalized and dimensional SQL database
  • Use of database data models to design and construct queries
  • Analyzing end-user presentation requirements and business rules and then translating into T-SQL queries
  • Creating parameterized queries for application database calls
  • Providing input to DBA(s) on data element formats and data granularity necessary to meet end-user requirements


230 Geographic Information Systems
18 semester hours of education or 1 year of experience that demonstrates the applicant has competencies in the following areas:

  • Ability to create, edit, import, export, project, and georeference GIS data
  • Demonstrated proficiency with the major ESRI software products. These products include ArcView, ArcInfo, ArcGIS
  • Utilize user-developed and/or ESRI scripts and extensions for incorporation and utilization in projects
  • Ability to conduct spatial analyses and queries in order to answer complex questions relating to spatial data
  • Ability to produce cartographic documents which clearly present outputs from spatial analyses
  • Document formats should at a minimum include hardcopy as well as the following digital formats .pdf, .tif, and .jpg
  • Ability to work with, or train, others to use GIS to attain a common goal

Applicant must provide specific work examples to demonstrate each of the competencies. The examples should include a thorough explanation of the project goal, the process utilized and the result of the process.


984 Business Information Technology
6 months' experience, 12 semester hours, or a combination of both, in business information technology including any of the following:

Support for management decision-making using computer technology, i.e., computer decision support systems, billing, accounting, queries, data modeling, and IT/manager interface including support for individual, group and corporate goals and managerial concerns with the design, use and implementation of information technology. Leveraging information technology in business strategy.

Minimum Qualification Requirements:
Graduation from an accredited four-year college or university and experience equal to two years of full-time work: operating a multi-job computer; installing, operating and coordinating computer based networks; installing/maintaining database management systems; developing business application processes; developing/operating system programs; installing/maintaining personal computers, Local Area Networks and/or servers; managing operating systems; developing/ delivering information management training; providing Information Technology (IT) customer service; or designing/administering Internet sites;


An equivalent combination of education and experience substituting the completion of an approved curriculum/specialized training program developed and implemented by or in cooperation with state government; or eighteen semester hours of accredited post high school course work in one of the specialty areas listed above; or certification by an authorized educational institution/major computer or software producer in an area directly related to one of the specialty areas listed above, for the required education.


An equivalent combination of education and experience substituting one year of the required experience for thirty semester hours of the required education.


Employees with current continuous experience in the state executive branch that includes experience equal to six months of full-time work as an Information Technology Specialist 3.

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