Budget and Research Implementation Coordinator

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Budget and Research Implementation Coordinator


The Department’s Research Program comprises over 100+ research projects that must be consistent with the Department’s strategic plan, as it is a tool utilized by senior management to accomplish the strategic and operational objectives of the Department. Research is conducted across all divisions and modes of transportation, and the synthesis of research results aid senior management in modifying programs and policies, clarifying trade-offs between conflicting objectives and standards, identifying cost/benefit ratios and directing more cost-effective investment decisions in the Department’s multi-billion-dollar budget.

Typical responsibilities:

This position is responsible for program development, evaluation and analysis for the delivery of an effective Research Program for the Department. This position formulates and conducts policy analysis, planning, program evaluation, and other analytic tasks of this Research Program. This position will develop and implement policy analysis, planning, program management and evaluation, and make recommendations to improve program effectiveness. This position will be responsible for the coordination of research to ensure the strategic research goals of the Department are being met. This position will also be responsible for financial management and deliverable tracking.

Typical qualifications:

A qualified candidate will have:

  • Experience monitoring and/or evaluating the performance of a program or project
  • Experience analyzing, interpreting, and implementing program policy or initiatives
  • Experience communicating with internal and external stakeholders (e.g. Summarizing data/information to supervisors or business partners, providing consultation, or guidance etc.)

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