Social Media Strategist

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Social Media Strategist


Use your creative communication and content management skills to set the creative tone across our social media platforms as a Social Media Strategist in the Office of Public Affairs at the Department of Transportation!If you know how to guide a customer down a sales funnel, understand the art and science of writing, are able to understand the big picture, and measure what works and what doesn't in real time when it comes to social media, this position is for you!

Typical responsibilities:

This position provides comprehensive communication consultation and services to the department for communications provided via digital and interactive media which includes: social media, mobile apps, web content and other emerging digital and interactive media tools. This position assists top management in determining how to use digital/interactive media tools to articulate and package the department’s position on public policy decisions and issues and recommend strategies on the most effective tool to use to engage the public and key stakeholders. This position also develops long-term strategies for incorporating new interactive and digital media tools into department communications; oversees the use of digital/interactive media throughout the department; establishes best practices and consistent messaging guidelines; markets digital media sites and set performance goals.

The position also provides comprehensive communication services to WisDOT’s Executive Offices and divisions, including work to research and prepare speeches, multi-media presentations, briefing papers; coordinate events; develop news releases, radio news and other materials; respond to customers, partners and key constituent groups; assist in outreaching WisDOT’s various stakeholders and customers.

Typical qualifications:

  • Writing and editing technical communications for a public audience (may include researching, editing, producing, and implementing such documents as news releases, articles, newsletters, websites, social media documents, etc.)
  • Preparing presentations and graphics to enhance public outreach (may include using such skills as photography, video production, Desktop Publishing, Publisher, PowerPoint, other media tools, etc.)
  • Planning, implementing and evaluating multi-media strategies for establishing communication efforts or outreach activities for an organization.
  • Using audience engagement metrics and trends to develop and adapt social media campaign strategies.

A well-qualified candidate will have experience in managing a comprehensive social media strategy for a large (100+ employees) organization as well as experience with Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and/or Infographic Software.

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